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Car seat pressure sensor
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Factory price Child presence sensor Car Seat Occupancy Sensor for safty

Factory price Child presence sensor Car Seat Occupancy Sensor for safty
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Quick Details
Model Number:JYS005
Brand Name:unigreat
Theory:Resistance Sensor
Output:Switching Transducer
Product Name:presence sensor Car Seat Occupancy Sensor for safty
Material:PET Film
AUTO SENSOR:Car Sensor membrane
Working principle:Contact points sending signal
Rear Adhesive:3M467, 3M468, 3M9080 etc
Working Current:≤ 100mA
Rated Voltage:≤50V DC
Name:presence sensor Car Seat Occupancy Sensor for safty

Factory price Child presence sensor Car Seat Occupancy Sensor for safty



What is car/bus seat pressure membrane sensor ?

The Car seat sensors is a film type contact sensor, the Car seat sensor's contact points are evenly distributed on the seat's stressed surface, Car seat sensors Generate a trigger signal when the seat receives a pressure from the outside. The Car seat pressure sensors applies to the car seat occupancy perception system, Such as car seat belt alarm sensor system, Taxi automatic meter, car Airbag sensing system and Driver's departure sensing. For example with this Car seat sensor, It can sense whether there are people on the seat or not, Airbags will not open if there is no one. When the driver leaves the seat, the car will automatically return to neutral. People Design car seat sensor shape and contact points' sensitivity According to the car seat's shape, hardness, and skin tightness.

The car seat pressure sensors usually contain four layers, up circuit layer, between adhesive layer, down circuit layer and back adhesive layer. Other accessories are wire cables and connectors.

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Basic Properties .

Electrical Properties:

Rated Voltage

50V DC

Rated Current


Operating Power


Insulation Resistance

100MΩ (250V DC)

Loop Resistance

10Ω~2kΩ (based on the design)

Contact Resistance

0.5 ~ 5Ω

Wire Lead Resistance


Base Material Voltage Withstand

1500V DC

                                         Mechanical Properties:

Life Expectancy

More than 10 years (more than 5 million times)

Operation Force

More than 500g

Tail Bending Performance



20G's max.


0.7~2 mm

Environmental Properties:

Operation Temperature

-40°C to +90°C (-40°to 176°F)

Storage Temperature

-40°C to +90°C (-40°to 185°F)

Atmospheric Pressure

86 ~ 106 kPa


+40°C, 90%~95%RH for 480 Hours


The Structure and Working Principle of car seat pressure membrane sensor.

Working principle:

When someone is sitting on a car seat, The car seat surface is subjected to a pressure, This pressure makes the upper and lower circuit layers of the seat sensor contact each other, Thus, the circuit loop is turned on conductive to generate a signal to other devices, Showing someone is sitting on the car seat, and, other systems in the car will use this signal to work, For example, the seatbelt warning system will detect if the person on the car seat whether put a seat belt on himself.

                                            Other Features

Artwork/Drawings Format

CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator AI, AutoCAD

Tail/Pin/Circuit Layout

Based on customers detailed requests

Antistatic Shielding

Can be added For Protection


Female/Male Connectors or ZIF Connector

Rear Adhesive:

3M467, 3M468, 3M9080 etc…


Extension of Circuit and Connect with your Device

Printing Method

Silk Screen Printing/Digital printing

Silk screen printing ink type

Silver paste, Carbon paste, dielectric oil.


ISO9001  RoHS  CE  SGS

Factory price Child presence sensor Car Seat Occupancy Sensor for safty

Factory price Child presence sensor Car Seat Occupancy Sensor for safty

Production Process.

Quality Control

Wide range of applications:

The membrane film pressure seat sensors are widely used in many fields. It is used in Car field, Bus field, Train field and Plane field. So far, the seat pressure sensors are very important to all industrial fields and daily life fields.

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Customized Solutions

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Since 2001, UNIGREAT has designed and manufactured the best quality, OEM/ODM Car seat pressure membrane sensors, Membrane Switch, Capacitive touch Switch, Graphic Overlay, Precision Plastic Mould and Plastic Injection Parts, and then custom all kinds of Membrane Switch, seat pressure membrane sensors, Graphic Overlay, IMD Plastic Injection Parts, Plastic Injection Parts and High Precision Plastic Mould. All of the above products are engineered and manufactured in our own UNIGREAT industrial park which over 200 thousands square meter with almost 500 staff located in Shenzhen, China.


Factory price Child presence sensor Car Seat Occupancy Sensor for safty



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