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Baby car seat alarm cushion

In recent years, in many countries, parents have driven out with their children and placed them in the back seats. 

When parents get out of the car to do other things, they forget that their children are still in the back seats. Parents often turn off the car when they get off the car, and children who are left behind in the car will eventually be smothered to death. So currently, one of our products has been developed to solve this problem. We call it the car seat cushion mat for anti-forget kid in car, which is designed to prevent parents from forgetting that the child is smothered in the car. The working principle of the product is simple, stable and reliable: when the child sits on the cushion, the cushion will send out a Bluetooth signal which is received by the parent's smartphone, and the Bluetooth signal value is normal and stable. When the parents bring the mobile phone away from the child's cushion to a certain distance, the Bluetooth signal value that the mobile phone can receive decreases. When it drops to a certain value, the cushion and the mobile phone will alarm at the same time. At this time, the parents immediately realize that the child has been left in the car. 

Prevent the tragedy from happening.

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