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Capacitive Touch Switch

The touch switch is divided into two types, one is resistive touch switch and one is capacitive touch switch, according to the switch working principle. In many technologies, capacitive touch sensing technology has become the mainstream of touch sensing technology. Capacitive touch switch can make the product's appearance more beautiful. Capacitive touch switch can sense and penetrate insulating material with thickness more than 20mm, like tempered glass and PMMA, and it can accurately detects the effective touch position of finger. Capacitive touch switch's sensitivity, stability, reliability, etc. will not change due to changes in environmental conditions or long-term use, capacitive touch switch has wonderful waterproof and strong anti-interference ability.


Capacitive control switch does not require human body to directly touch the metal, so this completely eliminate safety risks. Capacitive control switch will not affected by the weather, humidity, temperature and human body resistance etc. Capacitive control switch is with no mechanical parts, no wear, unlimited life, it saves maintenance costs.  


Panel patterns of Capacitive touch switch can be freely designed, the button size, shape, trademarks, and transparent windows also could be freely designed. It has beautiful appearance, fashion, no fading, no deformation, durable.

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