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Pressure Sensor

The Pressure sensors is a film type contact sensor, the pressure sensor's contact points are evenly distributed on the seat's stressed surface, pressure sensors generate a trigger signal when the seat receives a pressure from the outside. The Car seat pressure sensors applies to the car seat occupancy perception system, Such as car seat belt alarm sensor system, Taxi automatic meter, car Airbag sensing system and Driver's departure sensing. For example with this Car seat sensor, It can sense whether there are people on the seat or not, alarm will not open if there is no one. When the driver leaves the seat, the car will automatically return to neutral. People Design car seat sensor shape and contact points' sensitivity according to the seat's shape, hardness, and skin tightness.


The car seat pressure sensors usually contain four layers, up circuit layer, between adhesive layer, down circuit layer and back adhesive layer. Other accessories are wire cables and connectors.

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