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Why choose microwave oven membrane keypad produced by Unigreat Technology?
Shenzhen Unigreat Technology Co., Ltd. membrane keypad is increasingly favored by domestic and foreign customers. The quality of the products are more advantageous than that of the other products on the market. In addition, our customers also enjoy high-quality customer service offered by us.
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Unigreat Membrane Switch is the China's best known seat occupancy sensor brand. Unigreat Technology's membrane switch series contains multiple sub-products. The design of Unigreat custom membrane keypad requires many skills. Except for basic knowledge such as Kinematics and Mechanisms, they also include Technical Drawing and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE). This product enjoys market presence and reputation in overseas countries.
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The operation philosophy of our company is to invest in talents. We hope to achieve long term talent sustainability, which is profitable to the company and beneficial in the effort to better serve clients.

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